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"Sharing my stories one page at a time."
~ Motherella

Hello Loves,

I am excited to share the beginning of my new life mission and journey. In 2021, I began a deep and profound healing journey which changed my life forever. In July 2023, after 18 years as a professional world-wide psychic medium, I retired from private readings. 


My mission now is to live my life full of joy through inspired action emulating the Spiritual led teachings and healing I have done along the way. This is done through my writings, my memoirs.  On this new journey, I get to assist individuals to re-write their character, re-script their mind, and re-write their stories. 

"I love drawing and writing fantasy fiction, poetry, and memoirs with my own creative vintage journals and stationary" ~ Motherella

After four decades of connecting and living with the Afterlife, I now get to share my life memoirs with all of you through my podcast show.  Motherella Memoirs shares a time capsule of life stories and experiences about my life as a psychic medium and what it was like being a vessel for the Spirit realm. I have been able to see and hear Spirit since I was a small child, and I became a student to Spirit at that very moment. The rest is history. 

I am so grateful to have had a unique life experience connected to Spirit.  I have performed hundreds of thousands of professional readings worldwide for two decades. You can imagine the memories and the stories I have cherished during this time.  Little did I know that  the entire time I was writing the Motherella Memoirs. 


You may laugh, you may cry, and you may even be left in awe!  I invite you to step inside my world and the world of Spirit with me...

Thank you for being a part of my journey!

~ Love, Motherella

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Journal Writing Workshops
"Automatic Intuitive Channeled Writing"

~ Motherella



My Healing Meta-tations (TM)

I have created and recorded my own meditations for over a decade!

As of 2021, my partner Walker and I began making our own healing Meta-tations
(TM) for our healing platform...


Eden Lodestone
Eden Healing House

As of 2023...


All of our music and content is created and produced by us through Walker's music production company Rune Sage Music.


In a world of AI generated content, we take pride in our authentic and original work that we create from inspired thought and action.


NONE of our work is AI generated.


We co-create with amazing technology to bring forth heart-centered creations based on our personal human experiences through our own healing and manifestation journey.

Sample our free meta-tations (tm)

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to listen to more tracks!

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Ask Yourself This...

Are you looking to begin a spiritual deep dive into your healing journey, but do not know where to begin?

Have you been on a spiritual healing journey, but still feel stuck and lost?

Does it feel like your manifestations never come to fruition?

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns with relationships, career, financials, or life itself?

Do you struggle living in a vibration of inner wealth?

If you said yes, then keep scrolling!


Meta-tations (TM), Self-Paced Programs, Spectra Practitioner Certification, & Mentoring Events

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Work With Me

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Join the 

Motherella & Walker


Motherella & Walker

In 2021, I co-founded Eden Lodestone with my partner Walker.  I am so proud of how far we have come with our Tribe community. 

Our Eden Healing House platform specializes in quantum healing and manifesting:

*Self-paced Programs
*Monthly LIVE Events
*Spectra (TM) Energy Practitioner Certificate Program

*Private VIP Tribe Group

You can also listen to our Eden Lodestone Podcast Show weekly...

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