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Hello, I am Motherella

I would love to introduce myself...


I am Motherella, a Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Health Ph.D., Psychic Medium, Spectra Energy Practitioner, Podcast Host, and Author!


I specialize in Quantum Healing and Quantum Manifesting!

My soul mission for humanity is to teach quantum healing and manifesting to as many soul's as possible. In February 2021, while my partner Walker and I were on a nature walk, we were spiritually led to create an amazing "healing hub" known as Eden Lodestone: The Tribe of Eden TV.  I am proud to say that in just a little over two years, we have grown exponentially with our content, music, courses, and teachings. 


In June of 2023, we re-branded to one of our biggest visions thus far to Eden Lodestone: The Eden Healing House. Our relentless vision is to assist souls to heal, re-write their story, and become the best character they can ever imagine in this game called life.  Our ultimate mission is to change the world one healed soul at a time. 


I am so happy to meet you!​

xoxo, Motherella

Psychic Medium

"I have been channeling the afterlife since I was
six years old"
~ Motherella

I am so fortunate to have had two beautiful decades as a world-wide professional psychic medium.  I have assisted tens of thousands of clients to embark on their soul mission, path, and purpose.  I have also been able to provide comfort, healing, and closure through my ability of communicating with the afterlife.  The crazy, but most rewarding part of my professional career was during my psychic investigation work. Through my remote view abilities, I have been able to work alongside working families and detectives with some "hard to find answers to" cases. 


Those who have attended my live events and shows have been able to experience first hand my watch and receive first hand my rapid-fast, paragraph form messages from Spirit with mind-blowing accuracy.  

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Doctor Motherella

"My career has come full circle from bringing life into the world, connecting with the afterlife after this world, and assisting life within this world"
~ Motherella

I have had an extensive professional career as a Board-Certified Midwife, Holistic Practitioner, and Doctor of Natural Health.


However, it was time to say goodbye to that book and last chapter of my life.  In 2020, retired from private practice as a Doctor of Natural Health and Holistic Practitioner.


I continue to use my extensive knowledge of herbal modalities and quantum energy work for my own vibrational living.

My accolades:

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from

The University of Natural Health

and currently holds the following degrees and certifications:

Naturorthopathic Doctor

Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition

Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Sports Nutrition

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

Board Certified Midwife

In addition, I was awarded the following by the faculty of Ecclesiology in 2019:


Ordained Holistic Natural Health & Healing Minister

Certified Spiritual Guide

Honorary Certificate: Doctor of Divinity

Motherella Memoir Podcast 



Motherella has launched her amazing Motherella Memoir Podcast show which talks about her life as a natural-born psychic medium since she was 6 years old, her life as a professional psychic medium, as well, what has been like living as a student to Spirit throughout her life. 


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