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***This is emailed ONLY unless a downloadable recording is required at my discretion*** (no recording will be sent). 


SAME DAY: MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY ONLY by 8 pm EST. After 8 pm EST, readings will be sent the next day after 11 am EST.




This product is for PSYCHIC questions ONLY, no mediumship (*messages from deceased loved ones*). 


The question cannot be about health, parents, or children. The questions are directly related to you.


Example questions:

When will I sell my home?

What can I do to shift my financial freedom?

I feel stuck. Where is my block?

Which travel destination best aligns for me next year?

When will I align with my life partner?

Where are my energy blocks causing me to feel nothing is going right?

Will I get a new job soon?

Which career path is for my highest good?


You catch the drift!


Please keep the questions to ONE question each.  Multiple questions within another question will not be answered. 


All answers will be emailed to the email you used to pay with (meaning Paypal, iCloud email, Gmail, etc.).


If a downloadable recording is required based on the reading from Spirit, it will be sent via the email you used to pay with (meaning Paypal, iCloud, Gmail, etc.). Therefore, if you don't receive the recording, check spam and ALL emails before reaching out.


All recordings must be listened to or downloaded within 48 hours; I do not keep the recordings due to confidentiality and storage. 


There are NO refunds or returns. 


Please read the Emailed Reading Completion below.  Unless stated in a SPECIAL (*read the "Reading Completion" info below), the reading will be sent back via email by 8 pm EST (the following day, readings are sent by 12 pm EST). 


Readings are not done on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or on Holidays.  

SAME DAY: 2-Question Emailed Psychic Reading

  • No refunds or returns on any readings. 

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