Unveil Your Intuition - Paperback

Unveil Your Intuition - Paperback


During the decades of delivering Spirit messages to the world Michelle “Motherella” Piper has realized how many people desire to learn how to utilize their own intuition and connect with Spirit the same way she does.  Many think you need a “special gift” to connect with Spirit.  Your ability to unveil your natural born intuition will allow you to see that you, and everyone, possess the gift of intuition.  The question is, are you and others actually using your intuition to connect with your higher self and Spirit?  This workbook compiles years of wisdom, experiences, knowledge, and Spiritual insight for those wanting to harness their intuition at any level.  These activites can accelerate your Spiritual growth and inner power by allowing you to expand your consciousness, deepen your connection, and connect with your Spirit Guides and loved ones.

In this workbook you will:

  • Understand the levels of consciousness
  • Learn about the difference between Angels, Spirit Guides & loved ones
  • Expand your natural born gifts of intuition and abilities; including psychic and mediumship
  • Utilize writing prompts to help you grow and develop your innate gifts while connecting with your higher self and Spirit.


Motherella strongly believes that developing your intuitive self and natural born gifts is something that will help you in your life.  You will gain clarity, receive your own guidance, and begin to live a true authentic life.


This workbook will help you sharpen your natural intuition and develop your psychic and mediumship abilities so you can begin to receive your own Spirit guidance from Spirit Guides.