Sapphire Goddess Oils

Welcome to my new product line!!!!

As a Doctor of Natural Health & Healing,  Quantum Doctor, and Psychic Medium, my passion is being able to healp people learn to intuitively listen to their bodies to help achieve optimal health and healing through essential oil blends. 


The way I use esssential oils is very unique, as most of the time I am combining blends, or intuitively seeing or hearing what the body requires when working with my clients. There are MANY essentail oils on the market today.  During my Phd program, I had in-depth learning about the toxicity and effects of low-grade, non-therapeutic essential oils.  I have research many companies over the last 10 years and DoTerra BY FAR is the best on the market.  

Why DoTerra? 



Many of the DoTerra products are safe for skin, aromatherapy, and ingestible.  Using essential oils is a great start to taking back control of your health at home and within your human avatar.  Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are the SAFEST on the market.  When used safely, essential oils are very effective!

I will be hosting weekly workshops in my private Facebook group for anyone who purchases DoTerra through me. 


Selling DoTerra as a business can help you bring in an additional residual income while working from home and is a great adjunct to any  personal interest, natural health and healing desire, or even spiritual practice.  


Those that sign-up on my team will be working along side me and my amazing badass team members.  I will be teaching essential oil recipes and blends for grounding, Spiritual practice, meditation, astrology constellation, archangels, third eye connection, as well as detox, adrenal issues, anxiety, etc.  So those that do or want to do, learnm, or use, "body intuitive blending", this can really become your own specialty in your DoTerra business. I want to make this team about Spiritual Wellness and Healing Alchemy Team, but with all of you on your own as independent Goddess business owners for yourselves. 


Want to learn more?  Email me at or check out my DoTerra web page by clicking the link below.