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Please read thoroughly through  booking policy and service information prior to booking.


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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Use the form below to submit your THREE questions. Your questions will be answered within 24-48 hours (excludes Fri, Sat, & Sun - readings are done as they come in Monday thru Thursday).  A downloadable audio reading recording link will be sent via email.

Do not ask multiple questions within a question.  If this occurs, the rest of the questions will not get answered.  Each question should be specific questions such as:

1.  When will I sell my house?
2.  When will I meet my life partner?
3.  I have to decide between two careers, which is in the best direction for me (i.e. opening my own business or working for the company I applied to)?
4.  What lessons do I need to learn?
5.  I have misplaced my necklace and cannot find it, any insight as to where it could be?

6.  My son (state the name) has applied to college, where do you see him going?


Mediumship and/or health questions (ex: does my mother/father have a message for me or how is my health) will not be answered with this service.  Please book a full reading.  

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