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My Heartfelt Thank You

Hello Friends,

As of June 2024, I have retired from doing readings. I have stepped into my passion and life mission as an author, spiritual teacher, and Doctor of Natural Health, Ph.D. with a focus on quantum and esoteric teachings. 

My five-part audiobook and meditation series, Soulation Series, for self-healing, changing your mindset, and quantum manifesting, is now available on my unlimited streaming monthly membership platform. 

Those who have been inspired throughout my readings and feel the Divine spark to change their lives and get unstuck will be led to my teaching of doing your inner work. Those who have found guidance and spirit-led direction from your readings now have the "how-to" found in the five-part book series. Those serious about "changing their lives" will resonate with and align with it. Trust your gut. 

To learn more, go to 

Much love,


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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