Motherella LIVE w/Spirit


Cup O' Joe "Friends-Themed" Coffee House

(attached to Soulful Moon Journey 334 E. Main Street)

336 E. Main Street

Twin Lakes, WI 53181


3:30 pm to 5:30 pm




Join us for an evening of Spirit messages in this kickass coffee shop.  You will feel like you are on the set of Friends at Central Perk.  You can even take a "selfie" on the actual Warner Brothers "Friends couch".  

This event will leave you saying, "Spirit says whaaa?"  Spirit loves to say EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING, lol!


Are you feeling stuck or lost? Do you need direction in life? Are you missing a passed loved one? 

You will never experience an event such as this. You do NOT want to miss it!

Watch Motherella deliver rapid fast messages from Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones. This is NOT like the typical platform readings you see on TV. Motherella can rapidly deliver Spirit messages as seen in action at her live events and social media. Her average is 50 people in an hour.



You will be BLOWN AWAY!



She is raw, funny, swears a lot and is CRAZY accurate!


Bring your questions such as:

• When will I find LOVE?

• When will my house sell?

• Am I going to have financial stability?

• Does my sister have a message for me?

Connection to your Universe consists of more than passed loved ones. Your loved ones who passed are not the direct messengers for your soul path and purpose. Learn to connect with ALL of your Universe (i.e. spirit guides, angels, and loved ones) all at once.

Recording is allowed since many clients have captured spirit voices on their recordings.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on how the spirit messages are being received and given by Motherella, there is a chance not everyone will be read. Just being a part of this incredible experience will leave you feeling enlightened and amazed.






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